Project objective: The overall objective of this project is to create and begin to run a business that offers services and expertise to the media industry. This will include sound recording and audio post production.
Project aims: 
- To create more content for the website, branching out to various media forms and not sticking exclusively to short films and therefore showing a greater variety. 
- To create a website that displays a portfolio of work with a little bit about us as sound engineers. 
- To use this website as a method of getting more work within industry.
Learning outcomes:
- I aim to familiarize myself with the art of marketing myself to potential employers through the use of a website.
- I intend on getting industry feedback as a method of improving the companies website and image.
- I intend on professionally collaborating with various film makers to create material the portfolio
- I aim to better familiarize myself with the use of Pro Tools in a post production scenario.