This is an introduction to my second audio project for my third year in audio production, this project follows directly in from my first project this term. Within the first term I was a part of a team that created a short 10 minute film called Sector B, throughout that process I worked as a field recordist but I also was involved heavily in the post production stage. Whilst this film helped me develop my skills and overall, meet my aims and objectives – there were a few factors that I hope to avoid in terms of this project.


For this project, me and a fellow course mate aim to create and begin to run a company that provides both stages of audio production within film, field recording and post production. Although in the last project me and Ed Richardson(fellow student) took on the roles we were most comfortable with(me as a field recordist and Ed within post production) we have decided it would be beneficial to swap these roles as a way of broadening our skill set within this marketplace.


We have also split the workload for the creation and maintenance of the company website. This will include Ed looking into various factors around the creation of the website, this will include a number of tasks such as video coding and graphic creation. My main workload will be focused on marketing the company so it becomes as prominent in the marketplace as possible. This will include looking into both external media platform such as Twitter and Facebook as a method of promoting the website but also looking into keyword based research and the use of SEO as a method of pushing the company to the market as much as possible.


To conclude, my main role within the project will be working as a post production engineer on various projects and also, dealing with marketing the company.

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